Cantor Emeritus George Lieberman

Cantor Emeritus George Lieberman

Cantor George Lieberman Bio Photo

Cantor Emeritus George Lieberman served as Sherith Israel’s cantor for almost 20 years. 

Cantor Lieberman joined Sherith Israel in March 1996. He davens with the utmost intention and with the sweetest melodies. Cantor offers a weekly Haftorah class each Shabbat morning before Shachrit and a Midrash class following Kiddush. Cantor is available for one-on-one study either in person or over the phone by appointment with both adults and children. In addition, Cantor Lieberman teaches Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons and runs the after-school Cheder Programs. 

Cantor Lieberman attended Yeshiva University’s Belz School of Jewish Music and the Erna College of Hebraic Studies. In addition, he graduated Yeshiva University with a Hebrew Teachers Diploma.

Cantor Lieberman served at Castle Hill Jewish Center from 1968-1971, at Landfield Avenue Synagogue, in Monticello, NY, from 1971-1972, at Beth Israel Synagogue in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and at Congregation Adas Israel in Fall River, Massachusetts. In Halifax, Cantor served as youth director, taught bar/bat mitzvah, and ran a basketball and soccer league. In Fall River, Cantor ran a Hebrew High School program, and led 14 summer trips with teens to Israel, Canada, Hawaii, Disneyworld, and California!