The Nashville Community Mikvah Revitalizaiton Project

The Nashville Community Mikvah Revitalizaiton Project

Throughout Jewish history, the Mikvah has been essential to Jewish communal life. Indeed, Jewish law and custom for millennia has been that the Mikvah is the first priority of a community, to be prioritized over a synagogue or even a Torah scroll. Used for maintaining family purity, completing conversion, kashering vessels, or marking important milestones, the living waters of the Mikvah have served as the purifying foundation of the community and a connection to our ancient roots. 

For over six decades, the Sherith Israel Mikvah has functioned as the Community Mikvah - open to all in the Nashville Jewish community regardless of synagogue affiliation. 

After sixty years of use, the time has come to improve the Mikvah's heating and plumbing systems, upgrade its amenities, and refresh its finishes, thereby enhancing the experience for all who use it. Take part in history as we revitalize our community's aging Mikvah. 

Whether you seek to be spiritually uplifted or to express gratitude for the blessings you have been given, we encourage you to join in this initiative. Please stand with us as we address this most important communal priority and proclaim: 

I am a partner in the Nashville Community Mikvah!