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The dictionary defines sisterhood as "the close relationship among women based on shared experiences, concerns, etc." The Congregation Sherith Israel Sisterhood fits this description. We are a group of women of different ages and backgrounds who come together with the common goal of supporting individuals and families in our community in times of weakness and strength, joy and sorrow.

We welcome women in the community to join us in our mission to bring Jewish women together to serve our community and make deep and lasting friendships.

In addition to regular meetings and social outings, Sisterhood's activities building relationships between women and supporting the Sherith Israel community include:

  • Learning about Jewish holidays and customs with Daniella Pressner, Julie Sugar, Cantor Lieberman, and Rabbi Saul among others
  • Sponsoring events for Sherith Israel including the annual Pancake Breakfast kickoff for Sunday School, Chanukah celebration, and Purim Se'udah
  • Providing meals for families celebrating the birth of new babies, recovering from illness, and sitting shiva
  • Managing the kitchens and the library
  • Making home visits to members who are home-bound
  • Supporting the Sherith Israel through providing High Holiday flowers, assisting in renovations, and helping to maintain the kitchens and mikveh
  • Lending a helping hand to members in need, such as scholarship aid for camp fees or college tuition