Keeping Kosher in Nashville

Keeping Kosher in Nashville

Nashville offers ready access to kosher food, particularly within three miles of Congregation Sherith Israel.
Several grocery stores carry fresh kosher poultry and meats including Kroger of Belle Meade, Traders Joes, and Whole Foods (poultry only). In addition, Kroger of Belle Meade has an extensive Kosher section. Nashville has two kosher restaurants under our Hashgacha (NKC).




Grins ( is the Kosher vegetarian (vegan and dairy) café located at Vanderbilt Hillel serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. It isopen during Vanderbilt's academic year and free parking is availble. Grins is regularly recognized as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Nashville. Nashville Kashrut Commission (NKC). Grin’s Cafe, is located on the Vanderbilt University campus and is open weekdays during the semester. (Cholov Stam) 



Woodlands ( is located a few blocks from Sherith Israel and serves vegetarian (vegan and dairy) Indian cuisine with buffet lunches and Sunday brunch as well as dinner. It is under Rabbi Strosberg's supervision. Woodlands is regularly recognized as one of the best Indian restaurants in Nashville. Woodlands Indian restaurant (Cholov Stam) is open every day (except Monday) for lunch and dinner. Valet parking is available.

Meat, Chicken, Cheese and Other Kosher-Certified Grocery Items

  • Kroger’s in Belle Meade carries fresh kosher chicken, meat, cheese and dairy products and a large line of specialty kosher goods and wines. The store also stocks the most extensive array of kosher-for-Passover items. 
  • Whole Foods in Green Hills carries fresh kosher chicken and ground turkey as well as certified cheeses and fresh challah. Many regular Whole Food items carry kosher certification, including pareve chocolate chips.
  • Trader Joe’s in Green Hills carries fresh kosher poultry (including fresh turkeys at Thanksgiving) and challah. Many regular Trader Joe’s items carry kosher certification. TJ's also stocks kosher wines. 
  • Heddy Bernstein stocks Marvid chicken, a small selection of Meal Mart meats and a variety of cheese. She has a Passover list each year that is available upon request. Please contact Heddy Bernstein in the evenings after 4 PM at 615-243-1193. 
  • Costco on Charlotte carries frozen kosher chicken and many Kirkland products carry kosher certification. Each spring, Costco offers Kosher-for-Passover prepared foods and cheeses.
  • Kroger’s in Green Hills carries kosher cheese as well as specialty kosher goods and kosher wines. However, the selection is wider at the Belle Meade Kroger’s. 
  • Whole Foods in Cool Springs, approximately 15 miles south of Nashville, carries fresh kosher chicken and ground turkey as well as kosher-certified cheeses and fresh challah. Like the Green Hills Whole Foods, many regular grocery items carry kosher certification.
  • Griller’s Pride (, based in Atlanta, has an extensive array of frozen kosher meat, chicken, and prepared foods and delivers to Nashville approximately every 5-6 weeks. Overnight special delivery can also be arranged. Griller’s Pride also offers extensive Kosher-for-Passover items in season. 

Baked Goods

  • Panima Bakery offers pareve and Pas Yisrael challahs and muffins prepared under Rabbi Saul’s supervision at the Akiva School and are available at Akiva, the Jewish Community Center, Produce Place and, of course, Sherith Israel. Twenty percent of Panima’s revenues are donated to Akiva School. For more information, contact Erika Shuman (
  • Chabad Challah offers challahs and baked goods in addition to kosher catering and is under the supervision of Chabad of Nashville. Pareve and Cholov Yisrael items. (
  • Nothing Bundt Cakes, located on White Bridge Road, offers kosher dairy bundt cakes. NKC
  • Pralines by Leon (downtown Nashville) - NKC
  • Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop on Thompson Lane - Certified Kosher from Dec 1 - Jan 1 NKC

Kosher Wines & Liqueurs 

Kosher wines are available at many local liquor stores, most notably: 
  • Belle Meade Wine & Spirits (Belle Meade, next to Kroger's)
  •  The Wine Chap (Belle Meade, next to Publix)
  •  Red (Bellevue)
  •  Grand Cru (Sylvan Park)
  •  The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills (Grace's Plaza, between Trader Joe's and Whole Foods)


  • The Loew’s Vanderbilt Plaza is available for kosher-catered events on premises and is under the supervision of Chabad of Nashville and the NKC. Contact the hotel events department for more information.
  • Sova/Take-Away Caterers ( regularly caters events out of the Sherith Israel kitchens under Rabbi Strosberg's supervision. 
  • Bobbie Limor (615-479-2934) regularly caters events out of the Sherith Israel kitchens under Rabbi Strosberg's supervision.
  • Goldie Shepard (615-305-9438) caters Shabbat dinners and Passover meals for Vanderbilt Hillel and caters events out of the Sherith Israel kitchens under Rabbi Strosberg's supervision.
  • Chabad Challah (615-752-0639) caters for groups of 10 or more out of the Chabad of Nashville kitchen.

Kosher Hotel (or Hospital) Meals

  • Sova Caterers prepares kosher meals using the Sherith Israel kitchens under Rabbi Strosberg’s supervision that can be served at hotels or restaurants with a week lead time. 
  • Chabah Challah also prepares fresh kosher meals for groups of 10 or more with 48 hours'  notice.  
  • Hospital Meals: Contact Rabbi Strosberg to arrange kosher meals during a stay at any of the area hospitals.