About Us

About Us

Congregation Sherith Israel welcomes everyone, regardless of background, level of observance or Jewish knowledge.

Our well-attended, participatory services are meaningful, warm, and welcoming and feature inspiring Divrei Torah and beautiful singing, followed by community kiddushes. We offer extensive programming, including education for youth and adults, social events, and community service.

The most important aspect of Sherith Israel is our strong community, united in commitment to Judaism, the State of Israel and each other.

We invite you to get to know our clergy:
Rabbi Saul Strosberg, Rabbi Aaron Finkelstein, and Cantor George Lieberman.

Come experience a Sherith Israel Shabbat, holiday celebration, concert or social event, and join our Shul family.

Shabbat at Sherith Israel

Shabbat at Sherith Israel begins with a beautiful Kabbalat Shabbat in the heart of Music City. Congregation Sherith Israel provides Shabbat hospitality to all desiring a Shabbat meal, shomer Shabbat home hospitality, or to our guests joining us for our Abraham and Sarah’s Tent program.
Shabbat day services are filled with joy, song, and active participation. There are a number of opportunities to learn each Shabbat with Cantor Lieberman, Rabbi Aaron, and Rabbi Saul.

Each Shabbat, following services, all are welcome to join the community at our catered Kiddush Luncheon. Shabbat concludes with Seudat Shlishit, Maariv, and Havdallah.

Women’s Tefillah Group

Under the leadership of Pam Kelner, Naomi Sedek and Cara Suvall, a Women’s Tefillah Group meets monthly to pray, read the Torah and learn together. 

Community Celebrations

Our calendar is full of community celebrations of Jewish holidays (Rosh Hashanah lunch, Yom Kippur break-the-fast, Shabbat in the Sukkah, Chanukah menorah lighting and dinner, Purim Seudah, Passover Seders) as well as national days of service and holidays such as Martin Luther King Day and Thanksgiving.

Everyone is welcome at our High Holiday services. No tickets required.

Youth Education

Under Rabbi Aaron and Cantor Lieberman’s leadership, we offer individualized programs for children of all ages on Sundays and after school. In addition to Hebrew language and Jewish Studies, students participate in Arts & Crafts, Cooking Projects and Social Service (Chessed).

Adult Education

Rabbi Saul, Cantor Lieberman, and Rabbi Aaron offer programs including Torah study, instruction in reading Torah and Haftorah portions, and the meaning of both Shabbat and Holiday services.


In addition to special holiday programs, our Sisterhood is actively engaged in Bikkur Cholim and supporting the activities of the Shul. Monthly breakfast meetings always feature inspiring guest speakers.

Youth Programming

Programs for our youngest members start with babysitting on Shabbat and holidays, continuing to special events for children of all ages. Individualized Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation, NCSY, and Youth Shabbatons and trips are available for our teens.

Social Events

Our calendar is packed with events such as community Shabbat dinners with special speakers, concerts featuring our multi-talented congregants such as Jonathan Yudkin, Moshe Koch, and Rabbi Saul, and other friends as well as social events and more.


From Rabbi Saul:

Baruch Habah! Welcome to Sherith Israel!

Once you step inside you’ll find a welcoming and diverse community of individuals and families who come together on weekly (and daily) basis to celebrate Shabbat and Chagim, to study Torah, and to daven together as a community.

With the flavor of Orthdoxy unique to Nashville, you will find our atmosphere to be, on the one hand comfortably traditional, and on the other hand, profoundly relevant and engaging. So if you are new to town or just visiting, I invite you to stop by and when you come in, please find me so that I can formally welcome you to Nashville and to Sherith Israel.
- Rabbi Saul Strosberg


From our President:

Welcome to Sherith Israel!
Our Shul is a truly special place, a community open to all regardless of religious background, level of observance or knowledge. We are a diverse congregation, yet we are united in our love for the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

We are fortunate to have truly outstanding leadership in Rabbi Saul and Cantor Liebermanas well as our many volunteers. I hope you will join us for Shabbat services, get acquainted over a delicious Kiddush lunch, attend one of our concerts or educational programs, and become part of our community.

- Yuri Livshitz