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Sherith Israel is a century-old Orthodox synagogue with a rich history. We welcome every Jew to our community, regardless of background, level of observance or knowledge, age, or socio-economic circumstances. As a result, our membership is a microcosm of Jews in America: people who observe all the Mitzvot and those who do not; those who can read the Torah or teach a class and those who are just learning to read the Hebrew alphabet; first generation Americans from Europe, Russia, Iran and Morocco, Israelis, and people whose families have lived in the Nashville area for many generations; young families and seniors and every age group in between. But what is truly special is how all of us unite in worship and in caring for one another. And each of us has something to contribute to the advancement of the Shul about which we care so deeply.

In turn, Sherith Israel has much to offer:

We are thrilled to have our dynamic and multi-talented young rabbi, Rabbi Saul Strosberg, as our spiritual leader. Along with his wife, Daniella Pressner, Rabbi Strosberg teaches in our youth programs, leads adult programing, and engages actively with our members, whether visiting the ill, counseling those with personal situations or religious questions, or simply being a friend. As an added bonus, Rabbi Strosberg is a talented musician who plays the trumpet and piano and loves to sing.

Congregation Sherith Israel

Our well-attended Shabbat and holiday services are meaningful, warm and welcoming, with well-chosen, inspiring words of Torah from Rabbi Strosberg and beautiful melodies as Cantor Lieberman, Rabbi Strosberg, or one of our members leads the service.

Cantor George Lieberman has developed a strong Sunday School and Cheder program for our children - and because fun times are also important, serves as the leader for our NCSY group and organizes fun outings on a regular basis. Equally important, Cantor Lieberman is someone who always finds time for every individual, to help, to encourage, to teach or just to be a friend.

The Klezmer Kidz, started as a pick-up group for some talented boys and has developed into a renowned band under the leadership of Jim Prendergast. In fact, they have already released a CD, and rumor has it there's another on the way.

We have an active, committed Sisterhood, led by Mrs. Anita Peiser. In addition to sponsoring ongoing educational programming at the Shul, our Sisterhood also organizes special holiday events, has an active bikkur cholim program, and oversees our Mikveh.

We hope you will take time to visit us and to get to know our terrific young Rabbi and his special wife, and our wonderful, giving Cantor. Experience a Shabbat or a Holiday with us, and become part of our family.

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3600 West End Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37205

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Congregation Sherith Israel is a member of the Orthodox Union.